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Family Love

What our families say about us!

DRM Hearts
Do Re Mi was one of the best things my daughter got involved with in high school! She had so much fun, she visited many beautiful places, she made life long friends, and she gained so much confidence!!!
— Lina P. (Parent)
I was a part of Do Re Mi for many years of my life, and my time spent there are some of the memories I hold closest to my heart. Not only was it an excellent creative outlet, and provided opportunity for me to experiment and try something new, it was also a great place for a shy kid to make friends and receive support. Fantastic program!
— Amy H. (Student)
This program is fantastic for those who love to sing as well as perform. Even more so, for the “smaller” ones who have all those hidden talents but need a little push to bring them out. You will be thrilled to watch your child develop, form forever friendships and feel extra proud of their accomplishments. Yes, writing from personal experience.
— Carol P. (Grandparent)
You played a very big part in drawing my son out of his shell, honing his skills and making him feel as though he could do whatever he set his mind to.
— Parent
Parents, Do Re Mi provides a safe, kind and professional environment for our young ones to learn whole-life skills: communication, diction, social skills, reading, movement... Do Re Mi School of the Arts - is a gift to the community.
— Cat D. (parent)
I love DRM because my heart is happy and full watching my kids do things they love and be nurtured doing those things. I love that they have my kids’ best interests at heart and never compromise dignity.
— Leslee K. (parent)
Do Re Mi has been such a big part of our lives for over 14 years. Every child had a great time and was encouraged to do their best while enjoying and learning along the way. The leaders were fabulous while instilling discipline, hard work and commitment.
— Jody R. (Parent)
Thank you so much for bringing out a side of me I never knew I had and for teaching me important life lessons along the way!
— Student
I was in DoReMi for 14 years and it taught me so much as a person. I would not be who I am today if not for that choir. Show choir is not a common experience and I was so lucky to have found it through Do Re Mi. Lindsay and Michael, as well as all of the people in the choirs, made my childhood. It was my favorite part of every Monday or Tuesday.
— Madison A. (Student)
I have cherished each second I have spent in this program and will for my lifetime.
— Student
I am ten times more secure with myself than I would have ever been on my own because of Do Re Mi and I feel so grateful to have had this experience, and to have met you in my life time.
— Student
This is such a wonderful program! From small kiddos all the way up through high school you can’t go wrong with Do Re Mi. I’ve had the privledge of seeing many of their productions and they never disappoint! Excited for this upcoming year!
— Brittany S. (Parent)
What a wonderful blessing your program is. It is easy to see why you have touched the lives of so many children over the years.
— Parent

There is no greater compliment than when our families share their love for Do Re Mi with others. 

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