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What Parents Ask.


Do you offer a trial class?

Absolutely! If you've never taken a class at Do Re Mi before, we want you to see what we're all about and what makes us unique! There's no obligation to register and the trial class won't cost you a thing.



Does my child need any previous performance or dance experience?

Students do not need any previous experience, with the exception of Encore. The only requirement is that the child be of the correct age and attend regularly.



Are parents allowed to observe class?

Parents are allowed to observe their child's first day of class ONLY. After that, we ask that parents not sit in as it makes it difficult for the children to concentrate.



Do you pro-rate tuition?

We do not pro-rate tuition. Our per semester tuition is broken down into monthly payments, making it easier on your wallet. There are also no make-up classes or pro-rated refunds for missed classes.



What are the recital fees for?

Recital fees are charged to cover performance expenses such as rental of space, musicians, props, insurance, lighting and sound, instrument rental and additional technical staff. We do not make a profit from these fees.



What should my child wear to class?

For the students' safety, students MUST wear closed-toe shoes or dance shoes. Flip flops or bare feet are not permitted. They should wear comfortable clothing.



My child wants to be in the same class with a friend that is older. Is this possible?

Generally, this is not allowed. We have spent over 30 years refining the age group and level of difficulty for each class. It is very difficult to integrate a younger student into an older class.



My child will not be able to perform in the end of semester concert. Is this a problem?

Yes! The children are often paired or grouped in different musical numbers. If a child is not going to be in the performance it compromises choreography and leaves other students without partners. Please check the dates of the concert before you enroll for the semester.


What if my child has to miss more than 3 allowed rehearsals a semester due to sports or other conflicts?

We believe sports are an important extra-curricular activity, and we are willing to have some flexibility. We ask that your child attend at least part of every rehearsal. If it becomes evident that your child is missing more than 1 rehearsal a month, they may not be able to participate in every part of that semester's concert. This decision will be made based on how well the child is keeping up with the rest of the class and how their absence impacts the rest of the group.


If my child drops out during the semester, will recital fees and costume fees be refunded?

All monthly tuition, recital and costume fees are non-refundable.



Who is the video recording company for the Spring Concert?

As a convenience to you, Allied Video Productions records the Spring concert and DVDs are ordered directly from them. Their website is or they can be reached at 602.494.0859.